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Home Security
Even when your neighborhood seems to be pretty safe you need some kind of overall strategy regarding home security. Unfortunately we live in dangerous times, there are criminals looking for opportunities out there all the time and many of them are perfectly prepared to use physical violence against people at any time if there is a profit to be made or they are scared or surprised while in the process of robbing your house. You have the responsibility to protect your family and property in any way you can and there are plenty of ways that you can go about this. You have to decide on a budget and then get started on a list of valuable items in your property that you want to protect from theft.

Also it is a good idea to take a look around the outside of your property to see what is visible from the outside and where the easiest places are to break in. This can be extremely helpful in determining your property's weakest points - look for places where a burglar can break in unseen, concentrate on the back and sides of your house, think about where a burglar would feel the most safe and think about getting those areas lit up, maybe with surveillance cameras. Look through your windows from the outside, what can a potential burglar see, do you have net curtains and/or curtains that close properly? If you don’t already have them, get good strong window locks for all your ground floor windows.

If you have a toolshed make sure it is securely locked up and ideally alarmed and if possible covered by a camera. These days the smarter thieves carry no tools when they are checking properties they want to rob, they often get their tools from the target's toolshed! Check all your doors, window locks and hinges are in good condition and reliable, if you have any doubts about your door's abilities to withstand being bashed or kicked with a lot of force get metal strike plates installed that will keep the lock in place if this happens.

An alarm system is one of the best most effective deterrents even today, 9 out of 10 thieves will simply look for a different target house to burgle if there is an alarm system in use so make sure it is obvious, post signs warning that your house has electronic security measures installed.

Get smart lighting systems installed inside and outside your home. Halogen lights that are at least 10 feet up on the outside walls along with triggering motion sensors are an excellent investment, also indoor auto lighting systems are often inexpensive and a great way to make it look to outsiders that there are people at home when the house is actually empty - a simple timer system can turn your indoor lights and TV/computer on and off at set times.

You can even go for a computer/internet or even smart phone connected home monitoring system whereby you can "check in" on your home even when, say, you have a babysitter there, you can see what the cameras can see and check your home is secure. The advantage of a mobile phone based home security system is it is almost impossible for a burglar to disable as the whole system is wireless, as long as the mobile network is secure and the signal encrypted so it can't be viewed by anyone but yourself.

Another home security option worth considering to repel any invasion from the outside when you are at home is mace or pepper spray that you keep near the front door for emergencies. The next step being, of course, having firearms which is not for everybody, most security professionals would advise having non lethal weapons and at least some self defence training if possible.